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SSI Swim Teacher Baby Course

Master the Art of Teaching Swimming​

SSI Swim Teacher Baby Course​

Are you interested in teaching infant swimming and helping newborns develop water confidence from an early age? Look no further than the SSI Swim Teacher Baby Course. This specialized program is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to teach infants and newborns how to swim in a safe and enjoyable manner. Our comprehensive course focuses on nurturing water confidence, introducing essential swimming skills, and promoting water safety practices specifically tailored for infants.

Classroom Session

(2 hours)

  • Introduction to Infant Swimming: In the classroom sessions, participants will be introduced to the principles and importance of teaching infant swimming. They will learn about the benefits of early water introduction, including water confidence, motor skill development, and safety awareness. This session will also cover the unique considerations and safety guidelines for teaching babies in a pool environment.

  • Infant Development and Water Readiness: Understanding infant development is crucial when teaching babies how to swim. This session will focus on the physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects of infant development and how they relate to water readiness. Participants will learn about the stages of motor skill acquisition and how to adapt swimming instruction to suit the developmental milestones of infants.

  • Water Acclimatization Techniques: Teaching babies to become comfortable and acclimated to the water is essential. This session will explore various techniques and activities to help infants feel at ease in the aquatic environment. Participants will learn how to create a positive and supportive atmosphere, introduce gentle water submersion techniques, and promote bonding between parents and infants during swimming lessons.

  • Teaching Techniques for Newborns: Newborns require specialized teaching techniques due to their unique needs and capabilities. This session will focus on teaching strategies specifically designed for newborns, including gentle handling, controlled movements, and age-appropriate activities. Participants will learn how to provide a nurturing and engaging environment for newborns to explore water sensations and develop early water skills.

  • Water Safety and Emergency Preparedness: Ensuring water safety is paramount when teaching infants to swim. This session will cover essential water safety guidelines and emergency preparedness specific to infant swimming instruction. Participants will learn about supervision techniques, infant water rescue procedures, and strategies for preventing and responding to water-related incidents. Emphasis will be placed on creating a safe and secure environment for infants and their caregivers.

Pool Session

(2 hours)

  • Water Introduction and Familiarization: During the pool sessions, participants will learn techniques for gently introducing infants to the water. This session focuses on creating a positive and comfortable environment, utilizing songs and play to familiarize babies with the water, and promoting trust and bonding between the instructor, parents, and infants. Participants will gain hands-on experience in facilitating water introduction activities that enhance infants' water confidence.

  • Buoyancy and Floating Techniques: This session will cover techniques for teaching babies how to achieve buoyancy and float on their back. Participants will learn methods for supporting infants in a relaxed and safe floating position, including proper hand placement and body support. Emphasis will be placed on fostering relaxation and calmness in infants while they experience the sensation of floating in the water.

  • Breath Control and Submersion: In this session, participants will explore techniques for introducing babies to breath control and gentle water submersion. They will learn how to gradually introduce submersion activities while ensuring infants feel secure and supported. Participants will gain an understanding of breath control cues and techniques for facilitating smooth and comfortable submersion experiences.

  • Water Play and Motor Skill Development: Water play is an integral part of the Swim Teacher Baby Course. This session focuses on incorporating fun and engaging activities that promote motor skill development and sensory exploration. Participants will learn how to design water play sessions that enhance infants' coordination, muscle strength, and overall physical development in a safe and enjoyable manner.

  • Parent Involvement and Support: Parent involvement is crucial in infant swimming instruction. This session will highlight the importance of engaging and educating parents in their baby's swimming journey. Participants will learn effective communication techniques to guide and support parents in reinforcing water skills and safety practices outside of the classroom. Strategies for involving parents in water activities and building strong parent-instructor partnerships will also be discussed.

What's next?

Upon completion of the Swim Teacher Baby Course, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of teaching infants and newborns how to swim with confidence and safety. They will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to create engaging lesson plans, assess the progress of baby swimmers, and adapt instruction to meet the unique needs of this age group.

Participants will develop expertise in implementing safety measures and risk management strategies specific to teaching babies in the water. They will also learn about professionalism and ethical considerations in the context of infant swim instruction. The course will cover teaching techniques for special populations, including babies with disabilities or special needs, ensuring inclusivity and effective instruction for all infants.

After completing the course, participants will be well-prepared to embark on a career as a swim teacher for babies. They will have the opportunity to work as a swim teacher at our affiliated swim school or explore opportunities at other swim schools specializing in infant swimming. The comprehensive nature of the course opens doors for career advancement within the field of teaching and coaching infants in the water.

“Teaching someone to swim is like giving them a lifelong gift of safety and enjoyment”


Swimming Teachers Academy

Swim Teacher Baby Course

Nurturing Water Confidence and Safety in Infants

With the SSI Swim Teacher Baby Course, you’ll learn effective techniques for teaching newborns to swim, including how to introduce them to the water, teach basic swimming movements, and guide them in floating on their back. Our expert instructors will guide you through the process, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a nurturing and supportive environment. By completing this course, you’ll be equipped with the expertise and confidence to teach infants how to swim and foster a lifelong love for the water.

At SSI, we understand the significance of early water introduction and the numerous benefits it offers for infants. Our Swim Teacher Baby Course provides comprehensive guidance on how to teach your infant to swim, ensuring they develop essential water skills while building their confidence. Through carefully crafted lessons and techniques, you’ll learn how to teach your infant to float on their back, a critical skill that promotes water safety. By enrolling in the SSI Swim Teacher Baby Course, you’ll gain the expertise and knowledge to provide a solid foundation for infants in their aquatic journey.

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Building Strong Foundations: Swim Teacher Baby Course for Coaches

Comprehensive Swimming Instructor Course​ - Mastering Fundamentals to Advanced Techniques for All Skill Levels

Discover the comprehensive SSI Swim Teacher Baby Course, designed to equip aspiring instructors with the knowledge and skills to teach infant swimming and help newborns become comfortable in the water. Our expert-led program focuses on teaching techniques that promote water confidence and safety, enabling you to guide infants through their aquatic journey. Whether you’re a parent or a swimming enthusiast passionate about teaching newborns to swim, this course provides essential insights into teaching infant swimming and offers valuable instruction on how to teach your infant to swim with ease and joy.

Enhanced Understanding of Infant Swimming Instruction

After completing the Swim Teacher Baby Course, participants gain a deep understanding of the principles and techniques involved in teaching infants to swim. They acquire knowledge about water introduction, buoyancy techniques, submersion methods, and age-appropriate activities that promote water confidence and motor skill development in babies.


Ability to Foster Water Safety and Confidence in Infants

Graduates of the course are equipped with the skills to create a safe and supportive environment for infants in the water. They learn essential safety measures, risk management strategies, and supervision techniques specific to teaching babies to swim. With this knowledge, they can instill water safety habits from an early age and nurture infants' confidence in the aquatic environment.

Increased Parent-Child Bonding Opportunities

One of the significant benefits of the Swim Teacher Baby Course is the promotion of parent-child bonding. Participants learn how to involve parents in the swimming lessons and create meaningful interactions between caregivers and infants in the water. This strengthens the bond between parent and child while providing a supportive environment for the baby's learning experience.

Contribution to Infant Development

The course emphasizes the importance of promoting infant development through swimming instruction. Participants gain insights into the physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits of teaching babies to swim. They learn techniques to enhance motor skills, coordination, and sensory exploration, contributing to the holistic development of infants.

Career Opportunities in Infant Swim Instruction

Completing the Swim Teacher Baby Course opens up career opportunities in the field of infant swim instruction. Graduates can pursue roles as swim teachers for babies at swim schools, aquatic centers, or private facilities. The specialized knowledge and skills acquired during the course make them highly sought-after professionals in the field, providing them with fulfilling career prospects.

Impact on Water Safety Awareness

Upon completing the Swim Teacher Baby Course, participants become advocates for water safety and contribute to raising awareness within their communities. They are equipped with the knowledge to educate parents and caregivers about the importance of water safety for infants and the necessary precautions to take. By sharing their expertise, graduates help create a safer environment for babies around water, potentially preventing water-related accidents and fostering a culture of water safety.

Swim Teacher Baby Course

SSI Swim Teacher Baby Course​


Training Venue: Ubi Oxley Bizhub 2, Singapore.


Prerequisite Checklist​

  • Minimum age: 18 years old or above
  • Completed Swim Teacher Level 1 & 2 and React Right.

Design and Implement Effective Swim Instruction Programs

Participants of the Swim Teacher Baby Course will explore a wide range of topics related to teaching infants to swim, including water introduction, buoyancy techniques, and gentle submersion methods. They will learn how to create a supportive and engaging environment that fosters water confidence and facilitates the development of essential motor skills in babies.


Frequently Asked Questions

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No, this is only applicable for SSI Swim Teacher Level 1 & 2 + React Right Course.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a swimming instructor can take a swimming instructor course. However, the participants need to have prior swimming experience, the participants must be ange 18 or above and able to swim: 

1x 50m breatstroke

1x 50m freestyle

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